Employees Well-being Training

Get training on the Well-being Intelligence Competencies Curriculum

Learn the human skills that complement Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work. Prepare your employees for the future of work. Maximize human interactions to Maximize Productivity.

Get a clear framework to follow from the Well-being Intelligence System and WIS® Method

Learn strategies for relational leadership, responsible communication, vibrancy, integrity, self-mastery and more. Each month we focus on developing well-being intelligence in one competency area.

Choose Training Topics that meet your needs

Choose from a full curriculum of training options to develop one well-being competency each month that will address the current needs of your employees and organization. 

Gain access to webinar topics, group coaching, workshops, and e-courses that enhance each well-being competency. Training is available virtually and in-person and can be customized for your workplace upon request.

Align each well-being competency to a wellness activity or challenge to get maximum results.

The Twelve Month Wellness Curriculum

  • Employees will Gaining the confidence to initiate conflict resolution
  • Reduce conflict avoidance so issues do not escalate
  • Learn new ways to communicate their needs that is not disrespectful or discriminating
  • Get the support to customize and develop your wellness competency curriculum

There’s never been a more important time to help employees improve their wellness and create a personal emotional wellness plan.


Enroll one of your employees in the well-being intelligence training program. Learn how your personal wellness can impact the way you show up at work, the way you resolve conflicts, and your overall productivity.

Take individual coaching sessions, request a group coaching session, or join our interpersonal wellness improvement monthly masterclasses

This blended program offers live group coaching sessions, monthly masterclasses, question and answer sessions, e-courses, and the coaching toolkit exercise logs.

Customized Corporate Solution

We provide well-being intelligence training and subject matter expertise to help you address and analyze what competencies are right for your team.

  1. 1
    We help you assess your well-being competency needs
  2. 2
    We help you develop your annual well-being competency training and schedule
  3. 3
    We help you implement your well-being intelligence road map and activities that align with it, to develop core skills and competencies for health and performance.

We help you address conflicts to reduce stress and strain on your team, as well as help set the course to develop the right interpersonal skills and competencies for your workplace.

Well-being Curriculum

Are you ready to add more wellness tools to your toolbox?

Clients today need a more robust program that provides end to end support.

We provide the well-being curriculum licensing program so you can offer more depth and support to your clients.

Are you a Wellness Practitioner, Training Consultant, or Coach offering in-house or external support to clients or organization?

Book a consultation to learn about the Well-being Competency curriculum licensing program for your organization or clients.