No More Victim Talk

No More Victim Talk

victim-mentalityI have several food intolerances and from time to time, I feel sorry for myself and harbour defeating thoughts such as not having control and that my life is hard.


Some time ago, I decided to kick myself out of that habit. I am not a victim. I know what I can eat and if I indulge, I know will face the consequences. There is no help in crying myself silly over it or wishing them away. It is what it is. I decided to focus on what I can eat and to celebrate the things that make me feel great.

Now when people ask me about my diet, I tell them what I can eat. When I go to a restaurant, I ask the waitress to send an allergy alert to the cook and I send a couple of food choices and ideas of what I do to make certain things taste good and let the cook know the things I absolutely cannot have in my meals. I find that most restaurant staff are so happy for ideas on what to substitute to ensure I have an enjoyable meal. The restaurants that don’t substitute will never see me again, it simple, no fuss and no need to get upset. I have developed a short list of restaurants that I associate and where I invite people to have meals with me.

So what are you having a victim mentality about in your life? Are you unhappy with your relationship? Are you unhappy about your work? Is it your job? Your income? Whatever it is you can do something about, by taking the first step today.

Send me a note or leave me a comment below to let me know what you want to stop feeling like a victim about. You have every right to want a great life and to want more for yourself. Let this year be when you stop feeling like a victim of your circumstances.

I can’t wait to hear what you are going to stop feeling sorry about so I can celebrate with you. If you need some positive self-talk, let me know and it will be happy to post you some, or you can join one of my upcoming free monthly webinar to share and learn some other strategies to move past victim talk.

To Your Wellness,


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