Who do You Trust and Why?

Who do You Trust and Why?

 Identifying the Trust Building Factor is at Work


trustHave you ever considered that your values could impact your trust level? As a leader, gaining the trust of others is a major factor.

While working with leaders this week, the conversation turned to how one goes about earning trust. Then came a deeper awareness of how our values help determine our ability to trust others.

There are several trust building factors we use in relationships. Values and likeness are two key trust building factors we use to determine whether we can trust someone or not.

We tend to trust others more readily if they are like us or whether they share the same values as we do.

We surmise that if you value respect and someone acts disrespectfully, it is very likely that you would be hesitant to trust a rude person. Not because he or she is dishonest or clever but because you don’t trust them to be respectful.

Trust is a delicate subject. Thus we need to be more explicit in trust factors when working with teams or leading others. This will ensure we effectively communicate what our concerns are instead of blindly labeling it as a trust issue.

You can you trust Harry to get the job done but not trust him to get along with others? You can we trust Jane to show up on time but not trust her to be productive? The same goes for a great leader without compassion.

What would happen to the dialogues around trust, if we could express our levels of trust clearly and distinctly, giving facts and identifying situations that others could work on to develop a greater degree of trust with us? Would this motivate them differently? Could we have more transparent, trust building dialogues among teams?

I want to invite you to reflect on your trust building factor, how does it impact your trust in those you lead?

To Your Wellness,

Joyce Odidison

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