Does Resilience Building Differ from Stress Management?

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July 14, 2016

This past week, curious readers have been asking me to explain the difference between resiliency building and stress management. While it is important to….

While it is important to manage the day to day stresses of life; it is becoming more important to build resilience, so we can withstand life crises, and be better able to (bounce back) recoup and return to normal life activities sooner rather than later.

I describe the differences between the two as such. Stress management can be equated to balancing one’s checking account, managing the day-to-day transactions, ensuring there are enough funds and staying afloat.

Resiliency is the savings account or even one’s investment portfolio. It is where we put aside a reserve fund, for some time to come. This takes planning, discipline and decision-making skills. It speaks of responsibility and accountability. Resiliency building gives us the assurance that we are not just taking care of ourselves now but that we are putting in place measures to keep us well should the unthinkable happens.

Those who are concerned about losing a few pounds or looking great are motivated to take action towards those results but those who want to be resilient invests in healthy relationships. They and life planning strategies, they set healthy boundaries, they understand the merits of living in alignment with their values. They are not just content with the now, they plan for future happiness and they invest in their future well-being. They also create structures or work with professionals to help them put in place structures to sustain their future happiness.

Resiliency building calls to question how well you are doing in all life dimensions. It asks you to plan your life well and to live well while conserving energy. It reminds you to take care of the small things that may cause you to lose vital energy. Resiliency building means looking into the minor of your life to examine what’s holding you back from living with vitality, so you may conserve energy and strength to see you through life storms.

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