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Pre-mediation coaching E-book


A great way to build skills for success in your mediation success.


Interpersonal Wellness System Coaching Toolkit


Great exercises that stimulate the left and right sides of the brain it also include the IWS assessment worksheets.

IWS Book Purchase options

Coaching Interpersonal Skills and Wellness Competencies Textbook


This coaching textbook is based on sound research in the neuroscience, coaching, and social sciences to lay a strong foundation for WIS coaches.


Getting Ready for Mediation book


Are you entering a mediation and not sure what to expect? This little workbook gives you the tools and insight into your conflict and prepares for approaching mediation with confidence.


IWQ Wellness Instrument booklet


Looking to see what's in the way of your interpersonal relationships? Get the tool to assess your capacity to contribute to the wellness of your relationships.


8 Levels of Spiritual Wellness Course


Looking to improve your self-esteem and align your life values? This course is an ideal way to begin your journey of exploring your passion, purpose, sense of self.

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