How to Effectively Coach Race Relations and Negative Interpersonal Skills to Build Wellness Competencies.

Be the coach specialist who handles complex issues for your organization or client. Explore ways to show how you deliver value.

Learn the powerful wellness competency coaching

model that adapts to the 

needs of employees to foster relational well-being at work.

August 19, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

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Does your coaching help develop relational well-being and foster positive race relations, equality, address bullying and harassment behaviour at work?

Learn how the wellness mindset coaching framework provides a specialized framework to coach complex behaviours and issues.

Tools to Foster Relational Well-being at Work

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to address systemic racism, race relations, diversity, inclusion and interpersonal wellness in your workplace from a place of curiousity, inquiry and exploration:


  • Learn to invite dialogue and collective action for change:
  • Create awareness 
  • Build understanding
  • Learn to use the wellness conversation framework
  • Gain tips to foster powerful transformation at work

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Webinar Presenter

Joyce Odidison, MA. PCC. CTDP.

Joyce Odidison is a Thought Leader on Interpersonal Wellness and Competency Mindset Teaching. She is a Conflict Analyst, Coach, Author, and a corporate speaker/trainer on interpersonal, respect, and diversity for 24 years. Joyce helps organizations protect the emotional, interpersonal, and mental well-being of employees and leaders from conflicts, stress and burnout, to preserve their reputation, promote diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety at work. She is a frequent TV guest expert offering tips for leaders and employees. Joyce works with private business, government and post secondary institutions of all sizes to create an atmosphere of relational well-being to build mental resilience. She is Coach Training Director of her own coach training certification approved by ICF. She is host of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit and the What's Happening at Work podcast. 

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