Solid Gold Connections

Solid Gold Connections

Are you looking to be part of a solid gold relationship?  This is not a dream nor is it impossible.  You can have a solid gold relationship if you apply the right tools to make that happen.  Start by applying these 4 tips:
1. First it is important to know what you want in the relationship. When we are not clear on what we want we leave ourselves open to attracting things we would rather not have.
2. Identify boundaries – establish rules for your relationships.  What it is you want this relationship to look like and what must be done to ensure that it meets your needs?
3. Speak up – many people keep waiting for the other person in the relationship to know their thoughts or read their mind.  That is impossible.  It is your responsibility to communicate in a manner that is clear, respectful and motivating, in order to get what you want from the relationship.
4. Reciprocity – It is important to consider the needs of the other person in the relationship.  A relationship is supposed to be based on mutually met needs.  If you want something then you should consider what the other persons needs are and whether you are willing to meet them or negotiate something more favourable.

Don’t forget, hard work and good intentions are important in creating solid gold connections.  Take a look at your relationship today.  Is it all that it can be? What can you do in the next 7 days to improve your relationship and optimize your connection?

Joyce Odidison, your connections coach

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