Social Vibrations

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March 28, 2011

Social vibrations explain how we impact each other with our energy. We have an amazing ability to communicate through vibrations in part by the atmospheric contribution we make. Through vibrations we communicate our thoughts, moods, beliefs, doubts, fears and physical lack lustre without saying a word. Social scientists believe that our communication is only 15% of what we say. Our energy can be either positive or negative impact on those around us.

By becoming aware of social vibrations, we acknowledge our interconnectedness, as well as the impact we have on others. This knowledge will hopefully inspire us with heightened sense of responsibility for managing our lives so that we emanate more positive social vibrations, thereby fostering good; rather than negative energy that can be depressing.

When inspired, people at work will rise to the challenge of visualizing a workplace with improved interactions, one in which their experiences culminate into a System of Interpersonal Wellness that supports and care for the development of all aspects of their life.

Here are the eight principles for sustaining a system of interpersonal wellness that is galvanized by an Armistice Day declaration.

What’s it like at your workplace? Can you make a positive change?

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