Small Business Accelerator Program

Spending too much time working on disruptive interpersonal issues to move your team ahead?

Are you looking to improve working relationships among your team? Looking for help to have difficult conversations with key members of your small team?

Small businesses work better when everyone’s energy is aligned positively.

Let us help you maximize the energy of your small team:

  • We help team members correct poor attitudes
  • We resolve conflicts in your small team
  • We help you create personal Development Plans
  • We help you align the energy for good
  • We help you stay in line with your strategic plan

Maximize Your Leadership Results!

Have Greater Leadership Impact

Do you want to have more influence and impact with your small team or your network? Let us help you to • Work from your Strength • Get support to excel • Confidential and brainstorming • Personal Reflection and Self-Mastery • Gain More Influence with Employees • Increase Accountability and Partnership • Stronger Leadership Capacity

Build Leadership Competencies:

Get support to run your business strategically, from experienced business owners: Improve time management and problem-solving skills • Reduce stress and gain emotional self-mastery DEFINE leadership goals strategic priorities • Focus on outcomes, purpose and action steps Contact us to learn more…

Improve Your Business Results!

  • Improve Working Relationships
  • Increase Participation
  • Become more innovative
  • Develop Creative Councils
  • Get More Done with Less
Business man discussing project on laptop with colleagues

Need Help to Move Your Team Ahead?

Speak to one of our coaches. Get a free consultation on your issues and learn how we can help you. Contact Us