Small Business Accelerator - Interpersonal Wellness

Small Business Accelerator Program

Improve Your Business Results!

  • Improve Working Relationships
  • Increase Participation
  • Become more innovative
  • Get More Done with Less

Develop Your Leadership Skills and Effectiveness

Do you want to have more influence and impact with your small team?

  • Tired of team members not pulling their load?
  • Facing expensive errors and customer complaints? 
  • Is lack of collaboration costing affecting key project timelines?
  • Struggling to get team members to be accountable and responsible?

Get help to lead your team to greater success!

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Reduce Conflict and Disruptions

Spending too much time working on disruptive interpersonal issues with your team?

  • Are employee conflicts slowing down production? 
  • Need to have difficult conversations with key members of your small team?
  • Are you stuck in a contentious and stressful business partnership?

Small businesses work better when everyone’s energy is aligned positively.

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Need Help with Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the most common problem faced by small businesses

  • Reduce the stress of low cash flow ups and downs
  • Find out where you are leaving money on the table
  • Get help to explore ideas and revenue sources you’ve been putting on hold
  • Get support and confidence to change your attitude about growing your business

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Aligning your small team will make your business more efficient, reduce waste, increase customer relations and affect your bottom line.

Let us help you maximize the energy of your small team:

  • Get help to correct poor attitudes
  • Resolve conflicts in your small team
  • Align the energy for good
  • Get support to execute your strategic plan
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