Interpersonal Skills Development

Is Poor Interpersonal Skill Disrupting Your Workplace Productivity?

Poor Interpersonal Skills Disrupts Workplace Harmony, Causes Tension, and Reduces Work Productivity.  

Get help to Improve Interpersonal Skills and Improve Relational Well-being in Your Workplace and get the following results to Improve:

  • Communication
  • Professional Self-esteem
  • Critical Thinking
  • Respect at Work

Get a IWS Package and You will receive the following:

  • Skill implementation plan
  • Accountability partnership
  • Access to the online journal platform to keep you on track
  • 6 weeks of follow-up tips to cement your learning

Coach packages include workbooks, assignment, mindset coaching and skill development exercises.

Critical Thinking

Improve your ability to think critically. Thinking is a skill like all other that should be improved and refined.

  • Improve your ability to reflect
  • Become aware of your thinking pattern
  • Learn to observe your subjectivity
  • Reduce thinking conflict
  • Learn to facilitate critical thinking in your team or with those you lead
  • Practice asking questions that help others think critically

Decision-Making Skills

Do you ever get asked what were you thinking? Let’s get sharpen your thinking cap. Improve thinking skills and focus, have better results and gain the respect of others by improving your decision-making skills.

  • Improve focus
  • Identify a thinking strategy
  • Practice new thinking skills
  • Better decisions
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve confidence

Professional Self-Esteem

We all have self-esteem issues to varying degrees. It helps to take some time to focus and develop your self-esteem so that it doesn’t get worn down like an old pair of shoes. In this session, we will look at what makes up your self-esteem and what things, comments or situations are likely to deplete it. 

  • Learn some tricks to manage self-esteem
  • Determine the things that define you
  • Get rid of the thoughts that limit you
  • Practice self-esteem massage
  • Identify some ways to boot your self-esteem
  • Learn tips to boost self-esteem in others

Respect at Work

Having problems with respect at work? Create a game plan on how to show respect and receive the respect you deserve as a professional

  • Measure your interactions on the respect scale
  • Evaluate respectful actions with yours
  • Explore diverse perspectives on respect
  • Improve your respectful dialogue
  • Get immediate feedback on how your actions rate

Goal Attainment

What’s getting between you and your goals? Understand your own sabotage, get strategies to improve your goal attainment success and know how to monitor your goal setting process.

  • Understand you self-sabotage
  • Know how to overcome your default
  • Design a goal attainment process for success
  • Improve your success
  • Reduce the stress of reaching your goals