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Coach Training and Certification

Are you looking for a coach training program that offers clients a roadmap to total well-being? You will learn to work with clients who are seeking peace, wellness, skills development, life and professional development. Our training will prepare you to work with the skills confidence and credentials to work with a wide range of clients including leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Our training is an approved International Coach Federation program and offers two level of certifications.

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We provide a range of keynotes, workshops, corporate training, wellness seminars and coach training and certifications.

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We provide Executive, Leadership, Life, Conflict and Wellness coaching services to help you move past your frustrations and upset to a place of conviction and solutions.  

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We offer a range of workplace wellness programs, conflict management interventions, respectful workplace programs and intercultural conflict management.

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We offer a range of relational well-being programs, coaching and services, assessment and audits for teams, individuals and workplaces.

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