Riding the Waves with Confidence

Riding the Waves with Confidence

Life will bring many joys, turns, ups and downs and many uncertainties. How do you ride the waves of life with confidence in your life and business? The only guarantees in life are that we will face challenges and great opportunities. Too often we let the challenges overwhelm us and zap our drive for life, leaving us fearful to take the great opportunities that come in their wake. It has been impressed on me that these challenging times are meant to test our resolve and strengthen our determination to move ahead and stay focused on our goals. Hence the importance of have goals in our lives, all too often we are not clear on what we want to have in our lives and therefore we are unable to achieve it. Here are some tips to keep you on course when things get turbulent: set goals, get clear on exactly what you want to attain, include people in your life you can trust, create your own cheerleading team, clear out the clutter and get rid of toxic people in your life.

Setting goals is one way to increase clarity but it is also vitally important to stay focused and have someone who is able to champion us when we grow weary or faint. Who is your champion or cheerleader? No one can do it alone without support and encouragements. Find your team of champions and develop a strong bond with them. Let them know what their encouragement means to you and ask them what they need of you and remember to share your goals with them. Focus on drawing good people and opportunities into your life. This week in our Summer Coaching Institute we will be looking at riding the waves with confidence in business and life.

To Your Wellness.


Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Strategist, Interpersonal Wellness Expert and Executive Coach who works with entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, executives and their organizations to address challenges and conflicts, to maximize time, resources, energy and results, so they maintain life balance and wellness. She is also Director of the only ICF approved training program for Coaches and Wellness Facilitators in Manitoba. You can learn about the IWS Network of Coaches and Facilitators by clicking the links below.

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