Responsible Communication – Principle Two of Interpersonal Wellness

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October 29, 2010

Last week we looked at balance as the first principle of Interpersonal Wellness. We saw balance as being necessary to keep us grounded and focused. Balance as a foundation from which we stay grounded. We also confirmed that principles are life laws that when disregarded lead to consequences either good or bad. This week we will focus on principle number two which is Responsible Communication.

As we know, communication is one of the most vital skills we have as humans. It is imperative that we use such an important skill responsibly. When we fail to practice responsible communication, we are faced with serious consequences such as break down of marriage, work, friendships and community relationships.

Responsible Communication is important for us to function well in groups and relationships. This requires us to be aware of our social settings and the appropriate communication for that setting. It means we will make every effort to communicate in a manner that is respectful, hospitable and clear, even when we don’t feel like it. In addition to this, we will assume the responsibility to repair any harm that has been caused by our communication. This will ensure that we maintain a good measure of social wellness.

The next time you think about responsible communication I would suggest that you think with clarity and intention as well as think of how you can ensure you are understood and received positively. If things go wrong, remember it is your responsibility to explain yourself, listen to the other persons point of view and apologize for the misunderstanding. It goes a long way to making people feel better and for ensuring lasting interpersonal wellness.

I would love to hear your stories on how you are practicing responsible communication. Share your experience below.

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