Respectful Workplace

Want a respectful workplace in your organization?

A streamlined systemic approach for inclusion, respect, and anti-harassment and anti-bullying.

A systemic approach ensures that all departments, supervisors, and managers are up to date on their responsibilities relating to anti-harassment (should it be relating to harassment or anti-harassment), including awareness of recent updates, precedents, and legislation. Preventing and resolving harassment complaints is the responsibility of all those who represent the organization. We can help you put strategies in place to ensure a respectful workplace and a harassment-free environment.


Help employees to understand what bullying is and what it isn’t, click to view the bullying video: 

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Laws and legislations make it clear that workplaces should strive to reduce incidents of harassment, discrimination, disrespect and bullying. Every organization should adhere to the Canada Human Rights Code, Workplace Health and Safety legislations and labour laws to ensure that they are complying with the legislative requirements. Not knowing is no longer an excuse. Every organization needs to have a way to thoroughly investigate allegations of harassment, bullying, discrimination or disrespectful behavior to ensure that the truth is uncovered and that appropriate actions are taken.

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