Respectful Workplace

Want to Reduce Harassment and Bullying to Improve Workplace Wellness? 

Get a streamlined systematized approach for inclusion, respect, anti-harassment and anti-bullying.

A systems approach ensures that all departments, supervisors, and managers are up to date on their responsibilities related to anti-harassment, including awareness of recent updates, precedents, and legislation.

Design a prevention and resolution process for harassment complaints.

Ensure all employees have been trained and oriented to maintain a  respectful workplace and a harassment-free environment. 

We can help you put your systematic process in place. 

High Impact Training to Stop Bullying and Harassment, as well as restore well-being at work. Click to Join the webinar.

View Joyce’s interview on CTV with tips to help employers respond to harassment and bullying.

Respectful Workplace Resources

We provide a range of strategies to improve respect at work, including a signature series of Relational Well-being webinars and resources, including our collaborative management certification for managers.

Harassment Investigations

We have been providing harassment investigations for our clients for over a decade. (clients such as Red River College, Assiniboine Community College, University College of the North and others).

Laws and legislations make it clear that workplaces should strive to reduce incidents of harassment, discrimination, disrespect and bullying. Every organization should adhere to the Canada Human Rights Code, Workplace Health and Safety legislation and labour laws to ensure that they are complying with the legislative requirements. Not knowing is no longer an excuse. Every organization needs to have a way to thoroughly investigate allegations of harassment, bullying, discrimination, or disrespectful behavior to ensure that the truth is uncovered and that appropriate actions are taken.  Contact us for help.

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