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November 19, 2011

There are various schools of thought on relationship wellness. Some believe that we have no control over what kinds of relationships that come to us, and others believe that we help to create our life relationships. While some believe that we attract certain people into our lives because we need to learn what they bring to our life. I tend to agree with all of these to some extent. I believe that though we may not be conscious of the relationship choices we may be making in our lives, it is possible to have a vision in our minds of the kinds of relationships we would like to co-create.

Don’t forget that we are co-creators and we can take certain steps to ensure that we are ready to co-create the kind of relationship we envision. For example, if I envision being in a respectful workplace relationship, I can reflect on my language and attitude to ensure that I am practicing respect in my exchanges with my current co-workers. I can examine the areas that need to be remedied and investigate resources such as new knowledge and skills to help me improve my efforts to be respectful. The same is true for other elements I can vision in any of my life relationships.
This past month, I was fortunate to be published as a co-author with several other experts on leadership and relationship, the book titled: Ready, Aim Excel. In this book I shared some views on Interpersonal Wellness and key points for achieving relationship wellness. You can access the E-book here.
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