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We help Leaders Go From Ineffective to Dynamic in 6 Months or Less!


Here What Our Graduates are Saying........

"So...progress already!! I look forward to further learning. The team got really excited about the new collaborative problem solving approach."

- Sandra Wilson, RN CCHN(C), Clinic Nurse Manager.

"There are so many challenges to the modern workplace; no matter what the issue, Joyce gets you going and follows up with support and programs that produce results."

 - Robert Cornelius, Vice President of Operations, GS. LTD

Knowing how to relate and interact with others at work is a key skill that all leaders should conquer, since more people lose their jobs because of poor relational issues than their actual job skills.

Take Corrective Steps to Transform Leadership Behaviour!

The Relational Leadership Academy (RL) offers ongoing supportive learning, coaching, development and skills training that is accessible to leaders through our virtual Academy platform.

Give your leaders the help to grow with support from the RL Academy!

What RL Offers:

  • 10 ICF Approved coach leadership coach training courses worth 36 ICF credits
  • 12 months of ongoing development and support for leaders
  • Preparation for emerging leaders to develop skills for success
  • Interpersonal, relational, critical thinking, and conversational skills
  • Integrity and trust building skills
  • Monthly Relational Coaching course and relationship skills

Special RL Price for the Next 2 Weeks!

RL is on of the most affordable high level leadership development program on the market.

Get instant access to the first e-course in our series along with you monthly coaching and support.

Our results show that leaders who graduate RL experience...

  • Trusting Relationships
  • Greater Influence
  • Less Resistance to Change
  • Better Customer Relations
  • More Resilient Workplaces

Lead Coach, Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP is a Professional Certified Coach, Conflict Analyst, Canada's Leading Interpersonal Wellness Improvement Expert, Business Owner for 21 years; organizational development specialist, and owner of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce's mission is to help people work well, live well, and play well.

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