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Developing Relational Well-being Leader Competencies (RLC) Training Certification

Providing High Impact Leadership Competency Development, With a Coaching and Workplace Wellness Perspective.

Get the tools to enhance relations at work in a remote working world.

March 8 – 12, 2020

Join the Spring Cohort - March 8-12, 2021

As the world of work becomes more diverse and complex, organizations and leaders must develop competencies and global alignment as they prepare to lead a diverse workplace successfully.

Relational Well-being Leader Competencies (RLC) is a competency building education and mentorship program with a global focus.

RLC is a firsthand opportunity for leaders to learn and adopt globally competitive leadership competencies with a mentorship program that offers international exposure to other leadership perspectives.

RLC is a  full-day training program with an online course component and access to international mentors.

As a participant, you will gain the relational skills to lead in the top high demand fields.

We develop:

  • Relational leaders to design the future workplace
  • Leaders’ ability to harness human capital
  • Leaders with relational skills to excel in the Global Economy

Global RLC Mentorship

Participate in five global mentorship programs with leaders across Canada to learn new perspectives and solutions to relational leadership strategies. Develop strategic alliances and business relationships to expand your worldview.

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Who Should Attend RLC?

  • Emerging Leaders:
    Young professionals who are preparing for promotion or entry into leadership roles in high demand industries that are globally competitive. Your desire is to learn cutting edge leadership competencies that will position you to lead your team for success.

  • Management:
    You are facing the challenge of leading a diverse workforce with multiple generations in the workplace. Your challenge is to ensure that those you lead relate and communicate effectively so they can be competitive and innovative. RLC will provide you with the tools to improve relations with and among those you lead.

  • Consultants, Coaches, and Executives:
    You are looking for tools to help those you coach, lead, or work with to improve relational dynamics to harness the energy and intelligence of your clients and teams. DRLC will provide you with tools and strategies to increase the synergy and success of your groups, clients, or teams.

What You Will Learn!

Create workplaces of the future that promotes emotional and mental wellness for sustainable success.

 High Impact Training Plus Online Learning Modules, Monthly Coaching, and Mastermind and Mentoring
(30 Hours).

Develop Your Self-Mastery

Every great leader understands themselves and how best to maneuver the challenges they face from inside and outside their team, organization or globally.

Become Equipped to Develop Strong Teams

The leader of the future must be able to develop strong teams that can work collaboratively across time zones, in-person, or remotely.

Develop Sustainable Profitable Global Relationships

Developing strong strategic alliances globally is key for the future leader. Learn to connect with diverse groups and people to foster sustainable profitable relationships.


  • How many people do you lead and where do you find it most challenging?
  • Is there an area of leadership where you are looking to grow or develop?