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Merci Miglino

Cherry Sampayan, Director of Asian Region

Merci offers a unique perspective and understanding of corporate (including hospitality, retail and event planning, legislative government operations and non-profit work cultures.  As an executive and business coach and trainer, Merci supports leaders and managers in creating a self- managed workplace, by leading effective communication to sustain awesome teams. Merci has coached internationally including Europe, Canada, Australia, South America, and Asia.  She serves as Director of Training for ICA, an international coaching training institute.

Merci specializes in Leadership and Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Difficult People, New Leader Integration, Managing Change, and Coaching Skills for Managers. She has also has held diverse leadership and management positions in the NYS Assembly and Senate working with senior staff and high-ranking leadership coordinating with White House and Congressional Leaders. Merci holds a Bachelors Degree in Education. She has also received certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.


Cherry Sampayan

Cherry Sampayan, Director of Asian Region

Cherry is a strategic minded professional with strong organizational and people skills. She brings more than 20 years’ experience serving clients in roles such as principal, teacher, trainer, consultant and project management. Cherry has strong business skills and is a dynamic group facilitator, who has spent countless hours coaching and supporting clients at all levels of the organization through change and transformation. With key skills set in strategic development, cross culture, sales, marketing, project management, business planning and change management, Cherry is an ideal leadership and executive coach. Cherry clients love working with her and repeatedly return to tap into her wisdom. Cherry is currently a lead coach and trainer with IWS Asia PTE. LTD.

Cherry is responsible for leading the IWS Asia team, providing training and coaching support to IWS Asia clients.




IWS Asia PTE Ltd.

In January 2017, IWS Asia PTE Ltd. was launched to help bring our unique brand of whole system thinking and whole person wellness to workplaces in Asia. Singapore is our SE Asia base from where we will serve most of the Asian countries. We bring our same brand of compassion, excellence and wellness to the market as part of our goal to serve the world on a larger scale. If you are in Asia and would like to join our team, please contact us. If you are a consultant or coach looking for a global brand we would love to have you join us in help more people work, live and play well.

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