Reducing Your Fall Stress

Reducing Your Fall Stress

As we move into the month of August, it is time to begin looking at the things we need to have in place to make our entry into fall smooth and impactful. Are you planning on taking vacation in August? Have you set plans in motion for your return and have you taken the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t fall back into work but rather make a gradual return into your fall winter routine.

I was interviewed by Canadian Living Magazine this spring for an article that will be in their August edition on reducing fall stress. As I prepare for vacation, I too have been taking steps to ensure that my entry into fall is smooth and gradual. I find that it really robs me of the joy of vacation when I come back to work and face a mountain of tasks that had not been planned and prepared for. There will always be an array of unplanned and unscheduled changes to our calendars, routines and lives. However, it is important for us to plan and make contingencies for those that we are able to foresee or control.

Another way to ensure that you are managing your stress well and preparing for the fall activity is to measure your IWQ this is your Interpersonal Wellness Quotient which tells you how you are doing and how much you will be able to contribute to your life or work. Note this also tells you how much you can contribute to the wellness of your relationships so that you are better able to prevent and manoeuvre challenging situations. As you complete this test, ask yourself what you would want to do differently in your life and in what areas would you like to develop your wellness so that you will have more capacity to share with the world, and of course to ensure that you have the energy and vitality that you will need for a busy and impactful fall.

I would love to hear how you plan on preparing for the fall. Please take some time to share some of your tips below with our readers.

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