Ready to Improve Your Communication Skills in The Bedroom?

Ready to Improve Your Communication Skills in The Bedroom?

Improving Your Interpersonal Communication Skills Can Help You Have That All Important Sex Talk.

I created this sexual wellness contract to help you navigate the communication barriers to having your sexual needs and that of your partner met.

Communication is a very important interpersonal skills that can help you in all areas of your life. Since sex is an important aspect of your personal life it can affect your mood, attitude, thinking, and self-esteem.

Not having enough, getting too much or not the way you want sex can be a cause for conflict in many intimate relationships. I have found that like most issues that lead to conflict, we can learn to negotiate or contract it to eliminate the back and forth or repeating ourselves,

The sexual wellness contract is a document that you can present to your partner in an inviting and none judgmental way, to make it easier for both of you to concentrate on the issues at hand and not on attacking each other.

Like many identity conflicts, we can spend a lot of time hurting each other’s feelings and not getting to the real issue.

The sexual wellness contract consist is made up of 10 main points to help ease the conversation and provide a foundation for discussion and agreement without insult or injury. I have also created a short course here for your use.

If you find yourself still arguing and blaming each other after reading this contract then you should think of joining me on a Mastery Coaching Session. Mastery is the interpersonal wellness competency coaching coaching clinics I host weekly to help you master the nine competencies for living and working well.

I wish you all the best conversations and happiness in your life and in the bedroom.

To Your Wellness