Professional Development Webinars and Workshops

Professional Development Webinars

Looking for ongoing professional development tips, learning, and strategies for your team or workplace? Bring a professional development webinar or workshop to your organization from the list below.

Overcoming Fears

Feeling discouraged, afraid and unsure of yourself? This webinar will help you examine your fears and give you the tools to move in spite of your fears

Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated?


Do you know someone who is hurt, upset, angry, or frustrated with the conflicts within their work life? This webinar I will be discussing ways people can deal with conflict within their various relationships. I will be providing tips and strategies from my 5th book on how to understand and deal with conflict within any phase.

Speaking Your Truth 
Not sure you can speak your truth and still have others like you? This webinar will explore the cost of speaking your truth and examine some ways to speak your truth that still leaves you a few good friends.

Leading Difficult Employees  

Let us help you apply some simple strategies to address problem employee behaviors. End your upset and frustration with customized solutions just for your problems!

Professional Courage

Want the professional courage to do new things in your career or business? This webinar will help you find something to boost your confidence and help you look up.

Understanding Your Customers 

Looking for ways to understand customer needs and resolve customer misunderstandings? This webinar will examine ways to listen better to customers and maintain good relationships.

Taking Ownership

Tired of feeling like a victim, things happening to you that you seem to have no control over? This webinar will help you change your perspective to seeing a way to take back control.

Wellness Conversations

Are your conversations contributing to the well-being of others? The wellness conversation framework allows teams and groups to have powerful conversations meant to improve dialogue, reduce suspicion, stress, and animosity. The wellness conversation framework helps you to sleep better at night.

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