Workplace Wellness Audits



The Wellness Audit is an appreciative exploration of a company resources and programs to identify strengths and possible gaps for reclassification and adoption of existing resources and potential wellness supports. The process will involve key stakeholders within departments, leadership, HR, and administration. It will examine the following area:
⦁ Wellness education and support
⦁ Wellness incentives
⦁ Disease prevention and management support
⦁ Health risk assessment opportunities
⦁ Technology management incentives
⦁ Culture of wellness
⦁ Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) well-being initiatives
⦁ Financial wellness support
⦁ Psychological safety supports
⦁ Physical activities measures
⦁ Emotional wellness support
⦁ Spiritual wellness support
⦁ Interpersonal relationships
⦁ Leadership relations
⦁ Social wellness supports

The audit will also identify ways to increase participation and enrollment in wellness initiatives so more employees feel welcomed and included in the company wellness benefits. Companies can choose a lite audit or comprehensive audit
Choose an Option:
⦁ Lite Audit – $3500 up to 6 areas
⦁ Full Audit – Contact us for a customized audit quote


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