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A Comprehensive Whole System Wellness Facilitator Training for Professionals

February 20, 2024

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. unveils its latest initiative to help combat the mental health and wellness crisis that’s enveloping the world with the Wellness Facilitator Training Program. This pioneering program provides an internationally recognized certification in the art and science of wellness facilitation using the innovative Wellness Intelligence System (WIS®). Set to elevate the wellness field, this training offers in-depth insights and strategies to identify and reduce well-being risks at work, amidst a global surge in disease and ill health.

The program runs from May 1st – June 25, 2024, and the Special Offer: 15% Early Bird Discount Available Until April 1st, 2024.

With societal challenges such as stress, isolation, and health concerns on the rise, the demand for proficient wellness facilitators has escalated. The WIS® Certified Wellness Facilitator provides a robust curriculum that covers the nine dimensions of wellness and twelve well-being competencies. Graduates will be adept at administering the WIS® Assessment, uniquely positioning them to pinpoint well-being risks and tailor successful wellness plans for enhancing well-being across numerous dimensions, addressing both individual and organizational needs.

Key Benefits of the Training Program:

  • Graduates will become Wellness Facilitators WIS® Certified, ready to tackle contemporary wellness issues with expertise.
  • Advanced Assessment Tools: The program includes the WIS® Assessment, an unparalleled tool that assesses over nine dimensions of wellness for comprehensive well-being analysis.
  • Marketplace Demand: With an increasing call for wellness programs in businesses, government, and non-profits, certified facilitators will lead the wellness revolution.

Special Offer: 15% Early Bird Discount Available Until April 1, 2024.

A Decade of Excellence:

Since 2010, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. has been at the forefront of training facilitators to work in mental health programs and workplaces. Notably, WIS@Work was part of a pilot project for the Ohio School Mental Health project through Miami University in 2022, showcasing its effectiveness and adaptability in various settings.

Empowering Comprehensive Well-Being:

This training is more than a certification; it's a mission to empower resilience and well-being in a changing world. By addressing mental, emotional, social, financial, and occupational health in an integrated manner, WIS® Certified Facilitators will champion environments where individuals and organizations not only survive but thrive.

Enroll Today and Transform Tomorrow:

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. invites passionate individuals, HR professionals, organizational leaders, and wellness advocates to join this groundbreaking program. Together, we can chart a new course for holistic well-being and success.

About Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.:

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. is a pioneering force in the wellness industry for over 27 years dedicated to developing innovative programs and tools that promotes holistic well-being. Their vision is to lead a global wellness revolution, transforming how well-being is understood and integrated into everyday life.

For more information and to take advantage of the early bird discount, please visit or contact:

Misan Odidison

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