Performance and Wellness

Performance and Wellness

Did you know your performance and wellness go hand-in-hand?

Here is how – when we perform at the same level for too long we become stagnant, which leads to burnout. Think of the last time you were bored to tears; chances are you had no motivation, no goals and no inspiration. You may have felt overwhelmed by the sense of nothingness that was engulfing you. Feeling this way too long leads to listlessness and hopelessness which leads to one becoming stagnant, depressed and burned out. This is not good for anyone’s wellness. Performance and Wellness - Interpersonal Wellness -  Blog - Canada

However, if you think of a time you were learning and growing. You had new people, ideas, and activities in your life. You were able to identify new opportunities and make improvements in the way you work or did things. You probably felt alert, eager, happy, friendly and resilient. You felt strong on top of the world and able to face anything. This tells us that when you improve your performance, you grow and are positive, happy and well, while when you remain stagnant, you burnout and become unwell.

Let me invite you to stay well. Please complete the wellness improvement assessment today by clicking the link below and begin making those small improvements daily, so you can be resilient and stay well.

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