What is Your Path to Getting the Cash You Need?

By admin

September 7, 2017

I love the month of September, it always seems as if things get back to “normal” when the kids are back at school. Will things get back to normal for you?

What is normal for you? Is it the hamster wheel of trying to make ends meet either in your personal or business finances?

Through the month of September, we are working on improving financial wellness. Whether you run a business or not, you need cash to make things work.

Among the learning events, we will be running, our famous Cash Flow Infusion Coaching throughout September.  I will be offering mastermind sessions with up to 10 leaders/business owners to pull out the ideas and opportunities to increase cash flow in their business.

I will also be teaching my Master Money Coaching Online Class showing you how to coach clients to develop financial wellness.

As we explore the financial wellness dimension this month, I will also be blogging, writing, sharing video tips and strategies on developing innovation as a competency.

Go here to sign-up for either of these two sessions or follow us on social media for dates and times you can attend.

Let’s make more money in September and work to improve your financial wellness. Remember, everyone you talk to, work with or meet is open to new ways to make more money. I look forward to sharing and learning with you.

Go here to view the upcoming financial wellness line-up.

Go here to complete the financial wellness assessment.

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