Want to address high stress leave and turnover due to workplace changes?
Learn How to Create a 
Workplace Wellness System
Easily improve, or implement wellness at work to reduces stress and overwhelm.  
A Global Workplace Wellness (#GWWS) Webinar

Learn how to get through difficult workplace changes without stress leave, melt down or burnout.

A 9 Step Process that keep employees well at work through rapid growth, downsizing, mergers or acquisitions.

Change is hard for employees and can result in high turn over and stress leave

Employers are telling us that they want to develop, or even optimize their wellness programs but are concerned about:

  • The amount of time it will take
  • The cost of such a project
  • The extra burden or overwhelm it will place on their employees.

 This concern has caused many leaders to delay implementing wellness programs of add the needed upgrades, to their existing workplace wellness initiatives.

You Will Also Learn:

  • Valuable insight into a nine (9) step process for customizing a comprehensive workplace wellness system without the overwhelm.
  • How to integrate existing training and development programs and tools, to create a dynamic wellness system
  • How to make your wellness system transparent, inclusive, and a sustainable employee engagement hub

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Host: Joyce Odidison MA, PCC, CTDP 

Joyce is a leading interpersonal and workplace wellness expert in Canada. She is the President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce is Founder of the nine-dimensional Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) approach to living and working well. Joyce is a global expert in the field, and an excellent resource at building trust with teams and employees to reduce stress and build resilience. Joyce will be a keynote speaker at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit on November 8, 2018.

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