In this module we examined the differences between coaching and managing, explored some of the challenges that often makes it easier to manage as opposed to coaching.  We explored the need to help organizations make the shift from managing to coaching in their quest to develop self-correcting, and self -generating employees who are positively engaged.  We also explored the various limitations to employing coaching in the organizations and practiced some innovative and creative opportunities and vehicles for coaching such as “coaching up”, integrity and planning.


1. What was most impactful for you in this module?

2. What new goals did you set for yourself in terms of coaching and managing?

3.  How might you further explore the power dynamics involved in coaching up?

4. How can a deep sense of personal integrity aid you as the manager/coach?

5. As you explore the role clarification matrix, what do you consider to be its most vital function in this coaching relationship?

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a true pioneer in the world of workplace wellness and coaching. With over 26 years of experience as a Master Certified Coach, Conflict Analyst, and Professional Trainer, Joyce has dedicated her career to helping teams and organizations improve their interpersonal dynamics and achieve success. As the President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., host of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and What's Happening at Work podcast, she's a recognized community leader and mentor, committed to empowering people to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Whether you're looking to build a culture of well-being, improve team dynamics, or develop your leadership skills, or gain world-class coach training, Joyce has the knowledge, expertise, and passion to help you create positive change and achieve success.

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