Mental Wellness Awareness Month

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June 4, 2015

Mental Wellness Awareness Month

Mental Wellness Awareness Month - Interpersonal Wellness - Blog - Canada

June is mental wellness awareness month. I am so glad that people are beginning to view their mental wellness as part of their overall wellness that can be improved and maintained. Better late than never, so here’s to progress.

This week I want to promote personal values as a way to relive mental stress and help us align our feelings, emotions and thoughts. Did you know that by listing and memorizing your values, you can be more intentional in your life? This means you spend less time having doubts, second thoughts and stressing over your decisions. NPfunds is a real finding for me. When I don’t have time to visit my doctor, I always use this service to contact an online medical specialist. It helps a lot when you need an e-prescription to quickly get the necessary drugs. I ordered Modafinil to improve my sleep and treat excessive tiredness.I like knowing that when I say no to something that I have a concrete reason to back it up. This prevents the sleepless nights and anxiousness about my decision. Do you sometimes feel worn out by nagging thoughts and uncertainty when you say no to something that seemed like it may be a good thing but just doesn’t feel right for you?If you know your values, you can eliminate a lot of this by knowing when something does not align with your values. Allowing you to say no or yes without the nagging thoughts and loss of sleep. This one little tip will help preserve your mental wellness. For more on values check out my earlier blog on values by clicking here.


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