Master Wellness Facilitator Training!

The Neuroscience of Wellness Improvement​

  • Module 1 - The Neuroscience of Wellness Improvement Coaching 
  • Module 2 - Client Blueprint for Wellness Coaching
  • Module 3 - Facilitating Wellness Group Coaching Conversations

Get 26 CCE's for the complete program or take the module of your choice

A fully online program that offers 4 instructor led strategy sessions. Start anytime and attend any monthly strategy session. Get the roster of strategy session when you register. 

Learn at your own pace.

Fully Online Program

Cost $657 per module (choose your module)

Learn to Facilitate the Wellness Assessment with Clients

What You'll Learn in this Training:

You will learn to facilitate the powerful Wellness Improvement System® Model (WIS® Life Scan) and expand your work with clients add workplace wellness offerings to your corporate work and learn to facilitate wellness conversations with groups.

What You'll Get in this Training:

Each module is stand alone and comes with a training package:

  • 3 Wellness E-Courses per Module
  • The Wellness Improvement Framework
  • Group or Individual Wellness Report Template
  • Wellness Plan Templates
  • Wellness Analysis Report Template
  • A Wellness Assessment Instrument
WIS Assessment

Wellness Improvement System

Here What Coaches are Saying:

"Thanks for teaching us how to use this model with our clients Joyce. It is very comprehensive and impactful for the coaching process.

Mercy Miglino, Life and Leadership Coach

Module Breakdown:

Module 1 – The Neuroscience of Wellness Improvement Coaching – 8.5 CCE’s

We are in a wellness revolution. If you aren’t offering a wellness framework for clients, this program will help you to do so. Gain an understanding of the neuroscience behind the wellness improvement system coaching as you apply the strategy to your coaching work with clients. 

You will learn to:

  • Use a broad wellness framework that works with wide range of client needs
  • Learn to attract new clients with a wellness offering
  • Learn to offer the wellness improvement coaching with clients

Module 2 – Client Blue Print for Wellness Coaching – 8.5 CCE’s

  • Increase their insight about what’s impacting their wellness
  • Be real with clients so they understand their whole life wellness
  • Help the uncover the real issues behind why they are stuck

Module 3 – Facilitating Wellness Group Coaching Conversations – 8.5 CCE’s

  • Understand the power of Wellness Conversations
  • Gain powerful wellness conversation facilitation strategies
  • Identify applications for wellness conversations

Get Our Amazing Program Bonuses!

  • Wellness Facilitator Toolkit with done for you client card and template
  • 9 WIS e-courses coupons for your
  • Wellness Conversation Workshop PowerPoint slides professionally done for you to offer paid wellness seminars and keynotes
  • Monetize the WIS program strategy to work with corporations and groups

Master-Level Bonuses:

This program comes with several master-level bonuses that you can use immediately in your practice, facilitation, keynotes, or client service business. They include:

  • A certification for your CCE credits and letter explaining the work you did that qualifies you for CCE credits with your professional organization.
  • ‘Training the trainer’ e-course and PowerPoint on facilitating and managing groups
  • 4 instructor led strategy sessions on the application of WIS to several industries in business and life.

Imagine learning to apply the WIS tools to serve a wider range of clients, gain recertification credits, and serve your existing clients better with a process that resonates with their needs on many levels.

Bonus: 1 full hour strategy (Ask Me Anything) AMA session with  Joyce Odidison, founder of WIS to strategize and maximize positioning your business with your newly attained wellness facilitation skills.

"Thanks Joyce, this program is exactly what I needed to build my practice".

Luke McEldowny

Master Wellness Facilitator

"This training was excellent to complement my coach training certification."

Paddy Quiring

Master Wellness Facilitator, and Coach

"The Wellness System model is very intuitive and allows clients to gain awareness quickly."

Tim Grouette

Wellness Facilitator

"I love how the Wellness System lets clients explore areas they would not have even thought to examine."

Dr. Kelly Fisher

Wellness Facilitator

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