Luke McEldowney, Certified Master Wellness Facilitator

Luke McEldowney, B.A., WISF

Luke has an extremely diverse background with experience in mental health, elite athletics, higher education, and multiple branches of the United States Military.

Luke experiences and education have given him valuable insights into leadership and management strategies that are effective across all domains. Luke has also discovered the importance of making wellness a priority from seeing the positive impact it can have on the workplace and the lives of each individual. He is devoted to helping people create a sustainable lifestyle that they are passionate about living every single day which will help them achieve their goals. He believes that living with intention and having clarity on your priorities allows you to become who you were meant to be.

Luke is an experienced mental performance coach and specializes in working with athletes and business people who are looking to unlock their true potential.

 As a workplace wellness facilitator he works with clients and organizations to develop a fully integrated wellness approach that allows employees to develop resilience and self-mastery, so they can perform at their best.

Luke is a father, husband a certified master wellness facilitator and is currently pursing a graduate degree in Sport and Performance Psychology. He is also completing his coach certification training towards his goal of becoming and ICF accredited coach.

Luke is an associate with Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., in the state of Wisconsin.