Ready for a Life Wellness Check-up?

Attend a Life Coaching Clinic Session

Get a Wellness Competency Mindset to Live Life Well

Preserve Your Mental Health and Heal Your Life with a Wellness mindset

Release Stress

Change your mindset!

You will do a life check-up to see how well you are in these areas of your life to create massive clarity and focus.

Get a mindset Shift

Reduce the Time You Spend on Stress and Worry to Protect Your Health and Wellness

Struggling with high stress, worry, or overwhelm with a difficult problem? 

Get unstuck and start moving at the life coaching clinic and get:

  • Stress relief
  • Gain a new wellness mindset shift
  • Develop with wellness competencies
  • A no shame, no judgement approach forward
  • Acknowledge what is working well
  • Clear new ideas and actions to implement
  • Get a complete nine-dimensional life wellness check-up

Attend Life Coaching Clinics: 

Live In-person Group Sessions:

 1st Thursday of each month

Times: 6:00 pm -7:15 pm  

845 Henderson Hwy


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How to Prepare for the Life Coaching Clinics

Be Open Minded 

There are many paths to the same goal. Be open-minded and ready to try a new way.

No Judgement

Stop judging and chastising yourself for what you didn't do or didn't think to do. Often when you are too close to the problem its hard to focus on solutions.

Be Committed

Come prepared to take action to solve your problems. Your coach will hold you accountable to take decisive action.

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About Joyce Odidison

Joyce spent her formative years often hospitalized with mysterious painful episodes. As a result, she has undergone several surgeries and has had to learn a holistic wellness approach to maintain her wellness and be mentally resilient.

Joyce has spent the last 23 years as a Conflict, Workplace Wellness Expert, and Coach. She help organizations and mid-career professionals adopt wellness competencies to reduce dis-ease, improve mental resilience, preserve their well-being, to live and work well.

Gain a new mindset and get affordable professional support to work on the problems in your life that are stressing you out.

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What Are You Waiting For? 

Get the mindset of the future to deal with tough problems, conflict and stresses.

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