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Tired of Getting Angry over little things, being in Conflict with Co-workers or significant others, low employment prospects, not having Influence, being accused of bullying, racism, or Passed Over for Promotions?

Master The Skills and Competencies To Excel in Your Career and Relationships!

Ready to Change a Bad Habit That's Ruining Your Life? Want to Learn a New Skill to Regain Control of Your Future?

Join the Monthly Mastery Coaching clinics where build and master the interpersonal skills and competencies you need to lead a successful life. 

Each month we will explore a different competency and how we can further improve it.

Join me for Mastery, my the Monthly Coaching Tracks that Reprograms Your Mindset and give clarity to master the skills and competencies to excel in your life, business or career. Maximize your skills to make good decisions to preserve your Mental Health.


Below is the assessment we will use to assess where you are now.

Take back control of your life so you can excel. 

Let go those limiting beliefs and habits that held you back from success and develop compelling skills to master your life and relationships.

Join the monthly Mastery coaching program.

Fridays at 12:00 pm (CST) each week

Mastery Coaching happens on a month cycle so you can jump into any monthly track. Take the opportunity to build the skills into competencies outlined in the Wellness Competency Mindset Coaching Framework.

Here how clients experience Mastery. Join now! What are you waiting for?

Coach Joyce will Guide You Through an Engaging 

Nine-dimensional Life Wellness check-up.

More About Coach Joyce

Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP is and Thought Leader a Thought Leader on Interpersonal Wellness and Competency Mindset Teaching. She is a Conflict Analyst, Coach, and corporate speaker/trainer on interpersonal, respect and diversity for 24 years. Joyce helps organizations protect the emotional, interpersonal, and mental well-being of employees and leaders from conflict, stress, and burnout, to preserve their reputation, promote diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety at work. She is President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.; and a frequent TV guest expert offering relational well-being tips for leaders and employees. Joyce has been featured in the Winnipeg Free Press, Canadian Living, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Thrive Global, Fast Company, and others.

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