What Happens When You Learn New Things?

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September 9, 2016


The process of learning is complex and yet exciting!

As professionals, we need to learn something new everyday to be able to keep up with our work and meet the needs of our clients effectively.To do this we should make note of how we learn best so we can make the best of our time and money.Science tells us that in order to embed new learning into our long-term memory, it must be linked with an emotion. Our emotions allow us to either confirm and dis-confirm new learning or we realign with that new learning, by making an attachment to something we already learnt.This is something I come across often as a coach working with clients to improve, change or adopt new habits, skills and competencies.Think about the things you love feel drawn to and accept without reservation, the things you feel great dislike to and wither confirm, dis-confirm, or reshape prior learning. We even tend to remember things we really hate (strong emotions)Think about your own process of learning, how do you learn? Have you ever examined how and what you learn? We know that learning changes or reshapes our prior learning.The challenge here is that most of what we learn is at a subconscious level and we are not even aware of all that we are learning as we socialize and interact with others in our various networks. Reflection helps to bring to our consciousness those things we have learnt and helps us to re-examine whether we are confirming, dis-confirming or reshaping or refiling our prior learning and why.As intelligent beings, we learn best when our emotions are involved. As an exercise, think of the teachers you liked least in school and those you loved, interesting you may remember mostly what they taught and are less likely to remember the teachers you had no strong emotions for you may even forget what they taught.Learning is fun. Join the design jam with the Institute for Performance and Learning Manitoba chapter on September 21st to celebrate learning new things.To your wellness,Joyce Odidison


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