Leadership Wellness Retreat

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 Leadership Wellness Retreat

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Have you calculated the cost of losing one of your leaders due to illness?

The cost of replacing a leader is astronomical when you factor in their knowledge, experience, influence, and drive that goes with them.

Leadership wellness retreats are a great way to help your leaders reconnect, refresh and rejuvenate to maintain their resilience and build resilience to deal with the stresses of work and life.

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Join the Bali Leadership Wellness Retreat to Bali, Indonesia

January 29th to February 10, 2018

Choose from one of the Bali leadership wellness retreat packages below:

10-days Leadership Wellness Retreat package

5-days Leadership Wellness Retreat package

3-days Leadership Wellness Retreat package

Each package consists of a range of wellness activities that include: daily meditations, temple excursions, relaxation massage, WIS® life dimension improvement sessions.

Bali is one the most beautiful, spiritual and safe cities for personal safety and well-being. Our visit to Bali in January 2018, confirmed that it is the most logical place for our leadership wellness retreats.

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