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 Leadership Wellness Retreat

Have you calculated the cost of losing one of your leaders due to illness?

The cost of replacing a leader is astronomical when you factor in their knowledge, experience, influence, and drive that goes with them.

Leadership wellness retreats are a great way to help your leaders reconnect, refresh and rejuvenate to maintain their resilience and build resilience to deal with the stresses of work and life.

Join the Bali Leadership Wellness Retreat to Bali, Indonesia

January 29th to February 10, 2018

Choose from one of the Bali leadership wellness retreat packages below:

10-days Leadership Wellness Retreat package

5-days Leadership Wellness Retreat package

3-days Leadership Wellness Retreat package

Each package consists of a range of wellness activities that include: daily meditations, temple excursions, relaxation massage, WIS® life dimension improvement sessions.

Bali is one the most beautiful, spiritual and safe cities for personal safety and well-being. Our visit to Bali in January 2018, confirmed that it is the most logical place for our leadership wellness retreats.

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