Leaders Have a Responsibility to Stop Bad Behaviour

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September 26, 2016


Are you tired of all the gossiping, harassment, bullying, and interpersonal conflict at work? That’s because….


Your leaders are either the root cause, unaware, unaffected, don’t care, think they’re too busy or most commonly are not skilled to provide the appropriate responses.

Changes in legislation over the past decade have attempted to put the onus on the organization to ensure a harassment free workplace. Even with this, many leaders are unable or lack the motivation or know how to create a safe workplace for employees.

Ongoing interpersonal conflicts, frequent disputes and high stress are all issues leaders should delegate to a responsible party to end if they deem themselves too busy.

Left unchecked, bad behaviour in employees can have a long-term negative impact on your organization’s bottom line. This will incur loss of work hours in distraction, frequent disputes, workplace disruptions and low morale. It is important to minimize the impact of these behaviours in your workforce:

  • Employees who Bully or Harass their subordinates, yell at customers or mistreat their co-workers?
  • Leaders and employees who are Disrespectful and Uncouth to co-workers and subordinates?
  • Employees who are often in Conflict with supervisors or co-workers?
  • Employees who display angry outbursts, yelling and screaming in the workplace?

We have helped employers reduce and end these negative behaviours for over 20 years; with our signature Interpersonal Wellness System Coaching program. If you are a leader wondering how to proceed with these issues, call me a for a free consultation.To Your Wellness,Joyce

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