Know Anyone That Needs to Make a Shift?

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November 29, 2016

shiftDo You Know Someone Who Needs to Make a Shift or Do Something Different in 2017?

Life is about movement, activity, progress and momentum. We are designed to learn and grow. This is why we are disturbed when friends or loved ones seem stagnant or stuck in an unproductive meaningless pattern, job or state.Sometimes we get frustrated when we don’t know how to help inspire or motivate them to something we perceive to be more meaningful. This is one way coaching excels over telling. With coaching conversations, we get to see what they are seeing, hear their pain, and help them understand their why and what. We can even tease them into hoping and dreaming again.They may have become so familiar with where they are that they begin to feel it is what they deserve or all they can have. They may even feel safe with the familiarity of their state.As we say goodbye to November and enter the busy Christmas season of December, I don’t want to forget those who are on the margins of life thinking they can never amount to much.Join me on December 15th for an Introduction to Coaching session. This online and in-person session is to help create awareness and help us begin to see the need for change in our lives and our work. I’m hosting 2 sessions that day and one evening session. Bring your friends and loved ones. Let’s make magic and prepare for a new experience in 2017.Together we can grow and stay well!To your wellness,Joyce

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