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Keynotes by Joyce

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What clients are saying about Joyce as a keynote speaker:

“Joyce is brilliant, inspiring and approachable.” – Polly Pachu, Board Representative, IWAM.

“Joyce Odidison is a fabulous presenter, flexible, and always professional. Her sessions always fill up quickly and the participants’ comments are very positive.” She definitely knows her stuff!”- Karen Gander, Professional Development Manager, Manitoba Child Care Association.

“Joyce’s session was refreshing, enthusiastic, passionate and absolutely positive!.” – Petra Rapmund.



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 Sample Keynote Topics:

View Joyce’s list of Tantalizing Keynotes about life and work that focus on:

  • Resilience
  • Wellness
  • Skill Development

Conflict Topics:

  1. The reality of your brain and how it causes and maintains conflicts
  2. Don’t kill the messenger
  3. What is conflict saying about your organization? The messages of Conflict
  4. Why Isn’t Anyone Talking to Each Other?
  5. I Value This, You Value That
  6. I Don’t Want to Talk About It
  7. Is A Conflict Making You Sick?
  8. The Belly Button Conflict Syndrome 
  9. That Upset’s Me!
  10. Why Do I Feel This Way?
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Skills Building Keynote Topics:

  1. What is Your ROI on Employee Skills?
  2. The overlooked Leadership Skills that will Save Your Organization in Time, Money, and Retention
  3. How Do I Do That?
  4. Coaching The Master Game Changer for Skill Development

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Wellness and Resilience Keynote Topics:

  1. Learn how wellness and resilience impacts with your ability to make money
  2. Help! I can’t do this wellness stuff with two kids, a dog, a husband, and a full-time job?
  3. Just tell me what to do to stay well and I’ll do it! The no gimmicks roadmap to wellness and resilience
  4. From Excess to Excellence
  5. Solid Gold Connections
  6. The Resilient Team

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Contact us today to book Joyce for a keynote at your next conference or retreat:

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