Resilience and Workplace Wellness Workshops

Looking for a Dynamic Workshop or Wellness Seminar for your Organization, School or Team?

Anyone can do a workshop but not everyone can ensure your workshops, keynotes and seminars have a lasting impact. We help you transfer the learning into your workplace everyday activities.

We understand you are busy and have schedules and work to do so we provide ninety minutes, half-day, full-days, and 2-day and e-learning sessions. We will customize a workshop or seminar to your industry and needs of your group. Just tell us what you need and we will do the rest. Please pick a topic for your group:

Most Popular Workshops:

Building Resilience

Ready to set some clear goals to build resilience? Resilience building allows you to increase your mental, spiritual, emotional and interpersonal stamina. Gain a new mindset, work through to well-being barriers and identify some things that have been a drain on your energy. Did you know that procrastination can deplete your energy and your ability to be resilient? Join the resilient building workshop to learn more and gain tools build your resilience.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get tips to build resilience
  • Learn how resilience works
  • Better understand what reduces your reslience
  • Create your resilience building roadmap fit for you

(This is presented as a half-day session or a series of 8 webinars.)

Stress Management

Is your life or work stressful? You are not alone! Stress management is something we need to manage and continually get better at spotting and adjusting to. This workshop is packed with practical stress management tips and tools to help you combat the daily stresses of life and work.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get help to identify your stressors
  • Learn to reduce your stressors
  • Learn to manage your stressors
  • Create your personal stress management plan

(Bring this topic to your workplace as a half-day workshop or a series of 3 webinars where employees can ask questions and get immediate help.)

Preserving Mental Wellness

Did you know that many of our daily activities can erode our mental wellness? This 3hr workshop will build awareness and help you identify liabilities to your mental wellness. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your key mental wellness liability
  • Understanding the mental wellness and neuroscience connection
  • Learn how mental wellness can impact your mental health long term
  • Create your mental wellness plan

More Workshop Topics Include:

  • Wellness Assessment
  • Preserving Mental Wellness
  • Professional Self-Esteem
  • Healthy Safe Interactions at Work
  • Finding Purpose
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collaborative Dialogue
  • Wellness Conversations
  • Encouraging Change
  • Resilience Building
  • Dealing with Shame
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Respectful Workplace

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1. Responsible Communication (RC)

Are you tired of the miscommunications, angry words, anxiety, thoughtless acts, being overlooked, rudeness, yelling and misunderstandings? Then you are ready for RC. Responsible Communication (RC) is an essential skill that requires us to assume responsibility for our actions and for the consequences of our communication.

Workshop Objectives: This session will offer tips to improve your communication dynamics with strategies for assessing the consequences of your actions, tips on performance imaging, purpose stating, messaging and perception checking.

Overview: This interactive workshop uses adult learning and active learning strategies to engage participants in an experiential process of intentional dialogue on RC to explore:

  • ​​​​The value of RC
  • The alternative to RC
  • Practicing RC dialogue
  • RC and transactional dialogue
  • Implications of irresponsible communication

2. Inoculate Yourself from the Bullying Syndrome

Gain tips to prevent you from bullying others and being bullied. Bullies have always had a way with people. They intimidate, coerce, dictate and terrorize others in the workplace.

Workshop Overview:

  • The negative impact of bullying on your organization’s bottom line
  • Why bullies get away with their actions for so long
  • How bullying can cause tension and conflicts
  • Identifying the bully in our midst

This workshop includes an exercise to identify bullying behaviour in yourself and others and strategies to correct that behaviour. Check out this informative interactive presentation and inoculate yourself from the bullying syndrome. This full-day workshop will equip your employees with the awareness and practice required to implement RC in your workplace.

3. Conflict Progression Workshop

Are you engaged in a difficult and ensuing conflict?  Do you want to try mediation but find that you don’t know how to prepare yourself for success?

In the past ten years, pre-mediation coaching has become known for helping individuals in highly positional conflicts learn and develop conflict management skills that allow them to realize fast, effective and long-lasting solutions to entrenched conflicts.

4. Workplace Wellness Training Program

The workplace wellness program is designed to provide workplace wellness committees members with focus and direction to develop in-house programs. Gain a platform to design a program that meets your client needs. Gain knowledge on workplace wellness issues and research and strategies way to introduce and promote wellness in your workplace. Workplace wellness, is the single most important investment employers can make in their organization in the next decade. This course will prepare you to promote and lead wellness programs in your organization with confidence and skill.

Looking to Improve Wellness in your Workplace?

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Understand the progression of conflict and how they play into it
  • Make better decisions about themselves and the conflict they face
  • Acknowledge emotions they are facing due to their conflict
  • Enhance their communication and negotiation skills
  • Acknowledge their responsibility to participate in working out a resolution for their conflict
  • Explore more constructive ways to express their concerns

Workplace Wellness Program

The workplace wellness conversation program is designed to refine the skills of leaders, managers, supervisors and workplace wellness committee members. By equipping them with more in-depth knowledge on workplace wellness and exposing them to a smoother way to introduce and promote wellness in the workplace. Workplace wellness is the single most important investment employers can make in their organization in the next decade. This course will prepare you to promote and lead wellness programs in your organization with confidence and skill.

Looking to improve wellness in your workplace today? 

Course Description

Workplace Wellness Coaching

Workplace wellness coaching prepares you to coach issues that impact wellness at work. This course equips you to provide one-on-one and group wellness coaching support in your workplace. Based on theory and practice, this course enables you to begin practicing wellness coaching at work.

Workplace Wellness Auditing

Ever wonder what your employees think about your organization? Workplace wellness audits allow for fast feedback that identifies the key issues that challenge wellness at work. It provides the skills and practice, facilitate, and respond to workplace wellness audits.

Wellness Assessments

Want to engage your employees to work, live and play well? Wellness assessments are a great way to create awareness for employees, by identifying the areas where they need to improve, so they can experience their work life better. By taking this course you will be able to dialogue with employees on benefits of the wellness assessments and offer some insights on how they can improve their results by benchmarking their level of wellness.

Wellness Conversations at Work

Not sure how to hold a wellness conversation at work? Employees today show a desire to engage on a different level than a generation ago. Wellness is a very broad topic and one where you may need a roadmap to navigate. This workshop will equip you to hold wellness conversations with employees or clients with none of the awkwardness and discomfort that many experiences. 

Coaching Conversations

Coaching takes place in a conversational format. This course will equip you with the skills to identify coachable moments and ease into coaching conversations with skill and tact. By taking this course you will be able to identify coachable moments and engage in a coaching conversation, with less resistance and defensiveness from those you work with.

Encouraging Change

Change inspires fear and resistance in some employees and can cause dissension and sabotage in the workplace. This workshop will prepare you to have the “change conversation” with your employees that will allow them to face changes with less fear and resistance. Become equipped to invite dialogue, practice empathetic listening and changing perspectives in with your clients in this course.