July 16

It Was the Worst Feeling Ever


I felt horrible and wondered if there was something, I could have done to prevent it.

For years I was afraid to tell anyone, so I suffered from:

  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Embarrassed

They say your best gift comes through your most difficult life-changing circumstances.

  • It changed my life and my business
  • It also changed the way I hold conversations with clients
  • It changed how my clients respond to me
  • It changed how they feel about referring to others to work with me.

You see, this terrible experience allowed me to learn more about myself my gifting and my purpose on the planet. Though it was a difficult experience,

  • I grew from it.
  • It forced me to share my gift to the world in a much bigger way

It has helped thousands of people to identify the small persistent stresses that have been stealing away their life force and energy. It helps people remember that their situation can be improved

I have since taught hundreds of business owners, professionals and service-based business owners to create fantastic personalized wellness conversations with their clients and change their relationships.

You see, when a client had a heart attack in my office, I could have done anything with the pain and horror.

I promise to have well-meaning, easy and comfortable wellness conversations with all my clients and with loved ones. This led to me creating one of the most comprehensive wellness models on the market.

Do you want to know how to remove the awkwardness and hesitation you feel about having important, life-saving wellness conversations with those you care for?

For a limited time, I am offering a free consultation to help someone develop and create their wellness message or offer in their business. I continue to be amazed at the responses from my clients.

  • “thank you”
  • “This shows you care”
  • “I am embarrassed to get help”
  • “You have now opened a door for me”
  • “This has saved my life”

Here are some key benefits to this embracing a wellness conversation framework in your business:

  • Increase client loyalty
  • Increase how long clients will work with you
  • Increase how many client referrals you receive
  • Change the way your clients see and work with you for the better

Do you have clients, customers, family members and friends that you need to have a wellness conversation with before its too late?

My goal is to help as many people as possible, so they don’t go through what I experienced with my client.

Enter to win the free consultation with me below and get your own wellness conversation template that can be used in any conversation.

To Your Wellness


About the author

Joyce Odidison is President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., founder of the Annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and a sought-after international keynote speaker who draws on decades of expertise as a Conflict Analyst, Master Certified Coach, DEI Consultant, and Well-being expert. Joyce shares her compelling research and practice on the Well-being Intelligence Competencies™ providing tools and insights to address the escalating psychological safety, mental health, and wellness challenges that leaders grapple with today.

Joyce believes that all relationships and interactions affect well-being, so we must apply intelligence to refuel and foster resilience and performance. Joyce is host of What’s Happening at Work podcast, where she shares practical strategies about how what’s going on at work any day of the week affects well-being. She is the author of six books, a former college and university instructor, and a regular TV expert who has been featured in news media globally.


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