Interpersonal Wellness Coaching- Filling the Void

Interpersonal Wellness Coaching- Filling the Void

Are you curious about where the field of coaching is going? In response to the rise in litigations, and the growing cost of replacing an employee, organizations, unions and associations are increasingly looking to coaching as a developmental, corrective and remedial approach in response to interpersonal infractions, acts of harassment, policy breaches, membership violations and deviant actions in the workplace.

A recent study of Human Resources personnel revealed that skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, long range planning, goal setting, visioning, focusing, negotiation and balance are on the decline with the generation Y employees. As a result, calls for interventions and employee development to enhance responsible communication and professionalism in the workplace are on the increase.

Interpersonal Wellness Coaching (IWC) is a specialized area of coaching in which a coach aligns with a coachee to develop specific interpersonal skills into competencies through the process of coaching. It focuses on the unique needs of the coachee, therefore lending itself to a remedial approach. Though exposed to interpersonal skills in action, some individuals failed to develop them into competencies. Since competencies are skills and abilities acquired through observation, learning, practice, coaching and feedback, IWC now fills the void.

We would love to hear how your organization is going using coaching.

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