Interpersonal Conflict Can Deplete Workplace Wellness?

Interpersonal Conflict Can Deplete Workplace Wellness?

Long standing interpersonal conflicts can deplete workplace wellness….


Not only are those conflicts bad for business, they cause distractions, taking away productive work hours for the parties involved in either defending themselves or in reaching to a perceived threat from the other. There are over stimulated and more likely to make mistakes, argue or threaten co-workers or even customers.

The physiological response to threat is real and often happen without efforts of the party under stress. Continuing to work in such an environment for prolonged periods of time for years on end causes mental and emotional wear and tear that is far reaching. Over time employees in such an environment can become overwhelmed, burnt out, depressed, chronically angry, anxious, suffer fatigue, malaise or other signs of wear and tear that directly impacted their wellness and further reduces the number of productive work hours they can perform.

If you are leading a team, group, department or organization, please take heed that interpersonal conflicts left unchecked can be disruptive to the workplace wellness. If you are not in a leadership capacity but have to endure such a situation at work. Take steps to preserve your mental wellness. Take the wellness assessment here, to see what else you can do to be resilient.

Did You Know That Long Standing Interpersonal Conflict Can Deplete Workplace Wellness?


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