Immigrant Employee Workplace Transition Coaching™

Immigrant Employee Workplace Transition Coaching™

What is Immigrant Employee Workplace Transition Coaching ?

Immigrant transition coaching is a process that serves to raise awareness and acknowledgement, build confidence, as well as empower, motivate, enthuse and equip immigrant employees with tools, skills and knowledge to grow and make the necessary changes to successfully integrate into their new workplace.

The process asks that immigrant employees evaluate their professional expectations and level of engagement at work, as well as their interpersonal relationships.  Are they getting the results they want in their workplace interactions and are they realizing their personal growth potential? Are they stuck or being held back by culturally biased perspectives, beliefs or idiosyncrasies?  Are they making a contribution, meeting their work plan goals, asking for help when needed? They also receive support to develop professional goals that align with their organizational goals or career focus.

It also focuses on cultural diversity coaching in the social arena, by helping employees to develop a work life balance plan to prevent and manage culture shock conflicts at home, as a way to reduce personal distractions at work.  They are encouraged to find avenues to participate in their community that fit their interests and desired level of social activity.   They are also encouraged to value the good in their own culture as they assess what norms to keep, modify, adapt or assimilate in a manner that will not violate their deeply held religious or cultural beliefs.

 Is there a need for cultural diversity or immigrant transition coaching in your workplace?


What are some of the challenges your workplace and your immigrant employees face?


What are the major obstacles you faced and how are you resolving them?