Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated?

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January 10, 2017

Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated?

hurt, upset, angry, frustrated bookWe have all experienced the range of emotions above at some time in life if we are alive. These are emotions that can be experienced by many species, especially humans. This is also the opening title of my 5th and latest book.I choose this title because I wanted to spend some time in this book to discuss the human capacity to engage in frustrating and upsetting experiences such as conflict and how we tend to get stuck in that pattern, somehow unable to unglue ourselves from those annoying feelings and behaviours.I had a lot fun writing this book and I must say that I am very proud of myself for staying away from the heavy academic jargon and use a much lighter and humorous spin on something that most people don’t even want to acknowledge.The book consists of 20 chapters that put a spin on things and will cause you to smile. If you are curious to see more, I want to encourage you to pick-up a copy of my book.You can do so from the following locations:My website Click hereMcNally Robinson in Winnipeg: Access the book hereIf you hurry you can get one of the 3 signed copies at McNally Robinson or one of the 10 copies at my office.The book is also available as a Kindle copy hereAt the back of the book you will get a link to the book resource page, but for those of you who want to do a bit of browsing before you buy, here is a link to the book resource page on my website where you can download a free chapter of the book.Happy Reading and I can’t wait to hear from you.To Your WellnessJoyce

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