Corporate Workplace Wellness Training

Transform your workplace into an employee learning and high-performance hub of well-being to boost retention and profit.

Never run out of program strategies, training, and tools to maintain consistency in your workplace wellness offerings with the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum even when things are hectic at work.

Transform your workplace into an employee learning and high-performance hub to boost retention and profit.

Identify employee wellness risks with a Well-being Assessment and apply targeted Competency training to bost resilience, retention innovation, and profit.

Revolutionize Your Workforce with Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™

At the core of high-performing organizations is their employees' well-being and interpersonal growth.

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ is designed to identify and mitigate risks and unlock the untapped potential within your workforce, propelling your organization to new heights of success and innovation.

Well-being Intelligence Competencies

Why settle for one-size-fits-all solutions when you can have training precisely designed around your organization's unique challenges and goals?

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ offers:

Well-being intelligence competency

Improve Your ROI Quantifiable Result

reduction in workplace accidents
Customers served! 1 %  reduction in workplace accidents
improvement in work performance quality of work
Customers served! 1 %  improvement in work performance quality of work
reduction in Absenteeism
Customers served! 1 %  reduction in Absenteeism
less voluntary attrition
Customers served! 1 %  less voluntary attrition

These metrics are a testament to the power of a well-structured, competency-based well-being program in creating a thriving, resilient, and high-performing workplace culture.

Trainings to Address The Top 9 Future of Work Trends in 2023

Elevate Your Organization with a Culture of Learning and High Performance.

Welcome to Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., your partner in turning your organization into a powerhouse of well-being, learning, and high performance.

Our well-being competency teaching curriculum teaches core interpersonal skills for collaboration resilience, and mental health, while accelerating participation in new or existing workplace wellness programs by more than 50%.

27 Years of Corporate Training, learning and development.

Gain Access to:

  • Targeted Competency Training: Customized plans that transform well-being risks into opportunities for growth and excellence. 
  • Monthly Content Updates: Fresh, high-value content to continually enhance employee well-being and engagement in twelve months or less.
  • Measurable Impact: Dramatically reduce workplace accidents, absenteeism, and voluntary attrition while improving performance quality and engagement.
Mastering Communication

What Set Us Apart:

  • Visual Implementation Roadmap: An intuitive guide to seamlessly integrating well-being strategies into your organization. 
  • Activity and KPI Alignment: Strategies meticulously aligned with your Key Performance Indicators for tangible improvements. 
  • Comprehensive Competency Coverage: Extensive curriculum addressing all aspects of well-being, fostering a balanced and inclusive workplace culture. 
  • Dynamic Learning Formats: From micro-learning digital courses to in-depth training webinars, we offer varied learning modalities to suit all needs.
Dimensions and Competencies of Wellbeing - WIS

Why Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.?

  • Innovative Curriculum: The first to offer a systems-based, holistic approach to employee well-being.
  • Practical and Actionable: Competencies designed for real-world application and tangible change.
  • Empowerment and Engagement: Equip leaders and employees alike to foster a culture of well-being and productivity.
  • Decades of Success: We bring over 26 years of successful corporate training and development experience.

How the Wellbeing Training Curriculum Works:

The Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™

Empowering Leaders to Foster a Culture of Well-being at Work

Empower your leaders, foster a culture of well-being, and ensure your workplace isn't just a place of work but a sanctuary of wellness and productivity.

Our curriculum is designed to empower, engage, and enlighten, offering:

Features include:

  • Visual Roadmap for Easy Implementation: An intuitive, well-being intelligence visual roadmap simplifies execution.
  • Activity and KPI Alignment Framework: A structured approach to align various well-being activities with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Comprehensive Curriculum of Well-being Competencies: In-depth teachings on well-being competencies cover various aspects of employee wellness.
  • Inclusive Wellness Assessments: A thorough wellness assessment to understand and address the specific well-being risks
  • Micro-Learning Digital Courses: Targeted digital courses that facilitate the development of a well-being-centric organizational culture and optimize your workplace wellness training.
  • Training Resources and Consultation: A range of workplace training materials and resources to support the adoption and implementation of the wellness or wellness training initiative.

Transform Your Organization Today

Embrace the Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™ and set your organization to become a hub of well-being, learning, and high performance.

  • Assess: Begin with our corporate WIS® Assessment to pinpoint your organization's unique needs. 
  • Consult: Schedule a complimentary consult to tailor the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ to your goals.
  • Customize: Select the competencies and KPIs crucial for your success and let us craft your personalized implementation plan.

Get access to a range of well-being competency learning formats to meet various wellness learning needs.

Key Benefits of The

Well-being Curriculum


Revolutionize Your Wellness Program

Revolutionize Your Wellness Program

Transition from basic wellness activities to enterprise-wide well-being applications.

The Most Compelling Inclusive Wellness Strategy

The Most Compelling Inclusive Wellness Strategy

Moving from singular wellness activities to holistic well-being applications.

Enterprise-wide Application

Enterprise-wide Application

Can be applied across the organization for maximum impact.

Benefits of The Wellbeing Curriculum
Accessible to All

Accessible to All

Not limited to enrollments - Everyone benefits!

Integrate with Existing Training

Integrate with Existing Training

Easily weave well-being into your current training modules.

Powerful Response to Health Crises

Powerful Response to Health Crises

A robust strategy to combat burnout and mental health challenges.

Whole Person Approach

Whole Person Approach

Looks at employees holistically, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive well-being strategy.

Join the Workplace Well-being Movement

Join the Movement Towards Comprehensive Workplace Wellness

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. invites you to redefine the landscape of workplace wellness. Tailored to address your organization's unique well-being risks and opportunities, our curriculum is more than a program; it’s a pathway to a thriving, resilient workforce.

Ready to Address KPIs and Well-Being Risk Factors Head-On? Begin your journey with our Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™. Transform your workplace into an environment where well-being drives performance and every employee is empowered to excel.

Get Easy Access to the Wellness Competency Curriculum

How we deploy the Well-being Intelligence Competency Curriculum™

Getting started is fast and easy. Just follow these steps.

Complete the corporate WIS® Assessment.

Book a free well-being Intelligence curriculum consult with a faculty member.

Identify the KPIs you want to develop and we will recommend the competency implementation plan.

How we deploy the

Well-being Intelligence

Competency Curriculum™

Customers served! 1

Getting started is fast and easy. Just follow these steps.

Customers served! 1

Complete the corporate well-being intelligence assessment.

Customers served! 1

Connect with a well-being intelligence curriculum training specialist or coach.

Customers served! 1

Schedule and join group coaching sessions, workshops, webinars or take e-courses that align with the competencies you want to develop.

Join Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. in redefining workplace wellness into systems of well-being.

Transform your organizational culture into one where well-being is the cornerstone of success, innovation, and high performance.

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