Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries

Is it Time to Set New Boundaries in Your Relationship?

So far this fall, we have had several bookings for the Healthy Boundaries workshop. The Healthy Boundaries program meets the needs of employees and individual professionals in their life and work. It provides a six-step process to create and maintain boundaries and is offered as a webinar, workshop, or online course.

The employees who have been attending the Healthy Boundaries training so far include new leaders, new managers, new supervisors and some who have been promoted from the team looking to transition to the leader of the team.

We also see entrepreneurs just building their teams and others struggling to manage their current teams effectively, who want to have clearer lines and role clarification. 

The course teaches the following elements:

  • What are boundaries and how you can apply them
  • How to strategically create boundaries
  • Know how to communicate boundaries effectively
  • How to maintain your boundaries
  • How to defend your boundaries
  • When to change or redo boundaries

Download the Healthy Boundaries Roadmap

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