Happy New Year

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January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

The Holidays are over


I want to take you on a “Journey with Joyce” for a Happy New Year


Well the holidays are over and it’s the time where we wish each other a happy New Year. Have you ever stopped to wonder what happy New Year wishes are about? Why should I care if someone wishes me a happy New Year? What does it matter? Does it matter if they don’t send me happy wishes? Well I did some research and found that Happy New Year wishes began between 700 and 2000 BC with the civilized Babylonians who started celebrating the New Year. They observed it as a way to signify a cleansing and renewal. Apparently the act of wishing others a Happy New Year ensured that you too are guaranteed of having a happy New Year.

Out with the old and in with the new. This got me thinking! What if we actually did that, end all the bad habits, negative thoughts anger and upset we hold towards others, forgave all those who trespassed against us and began this year with a clean slate? Can you imagine? Well a client of mine wants to have all debts forgiven or wiped clean off his credit cards. I know many people would like that. If it is true that everything began with a thought, so here is my thought. Can I encourage you to begin 2012 with a fresh new perspective?

Are there things you wanted done in 2011 that you didn’t get done? Are there things you want to get done in 2012? Well it’s a new year and you have no obstacles yet except the ones you will give birth to in your thoughts. So how about not letting any negative thoughts and ideas room to grow? What I do is tell myself this is not a thought that can serve me well. I also practice replacing that thought.


Can you challenge yourself to banish limiting beliefs and thoughts in 2012? What if you could really have all that you wanted and it really is just you standing in your way? What can you do for yourself this year?

Coaching Exercises

Write down on a piece of paper all the things you want to achieve this year

Write down next to each of these what you feeling when you imagine achieve your desire

Keep this list with you and recall that feeling for the first 6 months of 2012

Have a happy New Year!!


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