Goodbye September, 2009

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September 30, 2009

Well it’s the end of September, 2009. What do you need to give thanks for have done or accomplished in September? As I look back, I find that I could use another week in the month of September if it was offered but the reality is that I don’t have that offer on the table so I need not consider it. What I do have control of is how I will end 2009.

Its 2 days away from our 90 Days Goal Setting Challenge! Who will win the surprise price? Is it you, do you have a goal in mind that you have been considering? Plan to begin our challenge this Friday and begin taking steps to end 2009 with a bang!

How about setting a goal to begin and keep a gratitude journal for the rest of 2009? Will that be of benefit to you on New Years Day? There are so many things we need to stop and give thanks for. Start now by identifying 5 things that you would like to give thanks for in September.

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