Creating Structures for Successful Goal Attainment

February 5, 2016

By Joyce Odidison

February 5, 2016

By Joyce Odidison

Goal Attainment

Do you have goals you set for yourself that you desperately want to achieve? Structures are an essential part of goal attainment and maintaining your success. Many people set goals but…

Many people set goals but fail to design the right structures to help them take consistent actions towards goal attainment and maintaining their goals successfully.

What are Structures?

Structures are systems designed to get things done. They are the foundation for consistency. For example, if you need to develop a consistent new habit of going to the gym everyday, a good structure would be to put it in your daily calendar as an important appointment with the gym. This would be the first structure as it would set the consistent time for this new daily activity in your mind and as a visual in your calendar. You would then need to create other structures to get you there on time, with the right outfit and frame of mind.

Types of Structures

There are several types of structures and they all become important in your ability to create patterns of behavior and new habits. There are the cognitive structures that deal with mindsets and creating new thoughts that help solidify a new habit. There are the verbal structures such as affirmation, positive self-talk that you can use to motivate yourself into action and solidify your cognitive structures. There are also the physical structures such as creating a list, making a note for yourself that you can see. This may include a new vision board of yourself with this new habit. A visual picture of your end goal!There are the social structures you could have such as a friend who calls you, someone who goes to the gym with you or accompany you in forming this new habit. You could also hire a personal trainer to help you solidify and implement your plan for success. The great things about structure is that they are flexible, fluid and can be personalized to your personal taste or preferences. This can serve to make the process of creating new habits enjoyable and personalized. If you are looking to create structure in your life for goal attainment, speak to a coach to help you design structures that are unique to you.To your wellness,Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst Coach, who is the founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. & Coaching Institute. She consults, teaches and coaches with mid-career professionals and organizations to improve performance, skills, competencies, and workplace wellness. She can be reached at or by phone at: 1 877 999-9591.

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author, thought leader, and the world’s leading expert on the Wellness Competency Alignment concept to improve and measure wellness behaviours in organizations. Joyce is President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. for over 25. She is Founder of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit and What’s Happening at Work podcast. Joyce is the author of six books. She has Founded and leads Coach Velocity School of Coaching, an approved program by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is the Publisher of Faces of Workplace Wellness Magazine. Joyce is a C-Suite level workplace wellness expert and corporate trainer driving inclusive workplace wellness strategies for organizations globally. She can be reached at phone 1 877 999-9591

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