Global Workplace Wellness Summit Virtual

By Joyce Odidison

Jan 09

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit is Going Virtual

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit is going virtual this winter! You can access the content from your desktop. No travel required. A cost-effective way to get valuable diverse learning content from a global team, to boost wellness at work from anywhere in the world Here is a look at what to expect.

Exciting Topics and Packages

We have some exciting topics and packages that you don’t want to miss, such as:

  1. Dealing with the Stresses of Working in a Traditional Male Gender Profession
  2. Relational Leadership Strategies
  3. Beyond Maternity Leave: How to Retain Your Top Female Talent 
  4. Building Resilience at Work

Get Worry Free Access to the Summit Pass Packages

We know that you are too busy and may not make all the live sessions, so the packages package give you access to all recordings, templates, and Q&A sessions for up to 30 days with worry-free cloud-based access for digital download, from any device or location globally. You get universal access, much easier than CD's and DVD.

Impact Pass Summit

Package looking for tools, resources, books, templates and classes to supplement your workplace wellness program? 

VIP Pass Summit Package

Ready to expand your workplace wellness offerings and get access to workplace wellness speakers around the globe?

The Most Comprehensive Line-up of Content

The featured speakers from around the globe will be offering the world’s most comprehensive content on workplace wellness. The live sessions will be offered over 4 days and will be available in several time zones. 

Live and Recorded Access

The summit will be offered in live and recorded sessions that you can attend at your convenience and will be delivered in the following formats:

  • Webinars
  • Masterclasses
  • Group Coaching
  • Presentations

Supporting Workplace Wellness Programs Globally

All our speakers are working to help organizations support wellness at work globally and will offer tools and resources to begin, expand, or roll out your workplace wellness program. Get a range diverse content to update your existing workplace wellness library.

Early Bird Rates: Get Your Passes at the special rate only till January 31, 2019.

To Your Wellness in 2019 and beyond


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Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Coach, and founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. & Coaching Institute. She consults, teaches and coaches with mid-career professionals and organizations to improve performance within the workplace. She can be reached at or by phone at: 1-877-999-9591.

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