Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Are you giving thanks?

There is a section in my book where I speak of giving thanks. I introduced it with a new work I coined: “Gratifirmations” to represent an exercise in giving thanks. Too often we don’t take time to give thanks. Clients often tell me of all the things that get in their way of giving thanks. Its really important to stop and give thanks for your life and for whats about to come into your life.

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Gratifirmation as I call it is an exercise where you give thanks for the things that are about to come into your life. It is to say thank you for the amazing trip my husband and I take on our 25th anniversary, a year in advance and to be truely grateful. This takes a lot of faith but the more you do it, the stronger your faith gets and the more positive things you are able to bring into your life. I want to encourage you to try a gratifirmation in your life today.

I wish you lots of faith on your life journey. Don’t forget to let me know what giving thanks has manifested in your life.

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